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MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045 MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045 MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045 MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045 MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045 MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenleg South SA 5045 MonikaTravel, 63B Broadway, Glenelg South SA 5045
MonikaTravel small group tours CUBA departure February 2015


Small group travel with selected operators

This is a unique, personalized experience where you will get insights into other cultures of the places you visit with like minded people.



MonikaTravel Mandalay

Travel deeper...

Perspective-shifting journeys that inspire and challenge the sophisticated traveller

We deliver immersive journeys creating emotion through powerful storytelling and transforming travellers lives. Strategically and sensitively integrating with local communities and their values, whilst protecting the authenticity of their culture, we use exquisite aesthetics and creative ingenuity offering new perspectives, showcasing the richness of your locality.

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Richard's Special Tours

Richard's Special Tours

Richard's Special Tours


What you will experience on this tour: friendly people, exotic & safe country, beautiful scenery, culture and architecture, rainforest, beaches, salsa, politics, cigars, rum, seafood/lobster, cycling and walking. However, you can change the priorities according to your interests as we are flexible and have contacts in all fields.

Due to the fact that circumctances and conditions are changing daily in Cuba as well as keeping your travel plans flexible and more personal, we offer this destination with private touring options rather than scheduled departure dates.

Tour Philosophy for all tours

Travellers not tourists: You want to connect with the people and places you visit. You want to open up your heart and mind to new experiences. You want to go places others don’t get to.

• Low impact, small groups, socially responsible travel
• Giving you an unforgettable travel experience with a balance of sightseeing, activity and leisure
• Enhancing our understanding of the world around us and ultimately ourselves
• Respecting people and their culture, flora and fauna
• Focusing on the ‘off the beaten track’ places, showing you the hidden gems

We offer you personal small group tours where you get individual attention and enjoy a certain amount of flexibility. Your needs are looked after and we ensure your comfort, safety and wellbeing from the time your guide picks you up at the airport to the conclusion of the journey. We invite you to come along and let us introduce you to the sights, sounds and people, and the excitement and diversity of the destinations we visit.

This are fully escorted small group tours with a maximum of 6 people. Smaller numbers mean a smaller vehicle which allows us to use the ‘roads less travelled’ which are always the more interesting and scenic options. Smaller numbers also allow us to stay in B&B’s or guest houses which brings us closer to the local people. For the most part of this journey we will travel in the comfort of an air conditioned vehicle with our own personal driver. Being in a smaller group we can enjoy a higher flexibility to adjust the journey to the individual requirements of each participant.

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Camino de Santiago Spain - MonikaTravel

Camino de Santiago - MonikaTravel

Camino de Santiago - MonikaTravel

Camino de Santiago - MonikaTravel

Camino de Santiago

The queen of all walks through constantly changing countryside we have chosen the best bits, found the best places to stay and eat and provided the continuous support of our mini-buses to make this wonderful experience available to everyone.

Camino de Santiago small group tours

The Walks
Full use is made of the support vehicles at hand throughout the week to ensure that only the best bits of the last 300 km of the French Way are selected. You can walk as little or far as you choose each day making this a perfect walk for a mixed group of walkers. The walks are easy to moderate and the terrain is comfortable, making for a very pleasant walking experience.

Camino de Santiago self-guided independent flexi tours

Flexibility - of dates, distances each day, number of days, hotel grades, luggage transfers, airport transfers and meal arrangements. You choose what suits you best.

Re-assurance – Walks of Spain – we are the specialists in walking holidays in Spain, we do this trip ourselves every year

Good Value - we are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, what we do provide is high standards and excellent value for money.

An Authentic Camino adventure – it is a special holiday and very probably very different to any other you may have done. We want you to get the best and most authentic Camino experience.

Expert planning from beginning to end – Paul will be your contact from start to finish. From your initial enquiry, planning your perfect trip, making all your travel arrangements in Spain and going that bit further by planning your trip extensions, Paul will be your contact. Should you need any assistance, Paul will always be ready to answers your calls.

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